EXPEDITE YOUR REAL ESTATE AMBITIONS WITH THE LEADING REAL ESTATE SERVICES   Powered by talent, innovation, and commitment, Quara Real Estate Services pioneers solutions to ensure every real estate endeavor is a success. Established in 2021 by Dar Al Arkan Development, the leading real estate company in the region, Quara Real Estate Services offers a variety of solutions ranging from leasing to furniture options and everything in between. We help investors lease, buy, build, manage, occupy, and reinvest in every real estate project imaginable, from a single plot of land to a mega lifestyle destination.



A team of real estate development specialists based in Riyadh, Dubai, Amman and London are ready to assist in:

  • Preparing initial designs for various projects (Land development, residential projects, commercial projects)
  • Supervising the preparation of detailed designs and drawings
  • Issuing licenses and coordinating with government agencies and service suppliers (electricity, water, sewage etc.)
  • Preparing interior designs for buildings and residential units
  • Value Engineering


Our team of experts located in Riyadh, Dubai, London, Spain, Muscat, Qatar and Bosnia are ready to assist in:

  • Managing contractors to ensure all implemented projects are of quality standards, cost effective and delivered on time.
  • Managing consultants, as well as, suppliers of materials and services
  • Representing the owners for public and private officials
  • Receipt of projects from contractors
  • Delivery of units to clients
  • Using the latest digital technologies in the field of construction.


A team of experts, located in Riyadh, Dubai and London, have strong and extended relationships with local and international banks in KSA, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, UK, Switzerland and Ireland. They are ready to assist in:

  • Issuance of sukuk listed in international financial markets, such as Ireland, UAE and Singapore.
  • Issuing real estate funds in cooperation with “Bank Al Khair” owned by Quara Holding


A team of experts located in Riyadh and Dubai are ready to assist in:

  • Inviting tenders and managing negotiations with contractors to get the best price
  • Reviewing designs and specifications
  • Managing costs during the project development period


There are currently 3,700 housing units and 650,000 sqm of commercial spaces under the management of Quara real estate services, our experts are happy to assist in:

  • Preparing leasing plans and tenant distribution in retail spaces
  • A long and distinguished relationship with the largest and most important global retailers
  • Management of recreational facilities within retail shops (cinema, children’s playground, etc.)
  • Managing customer contracts
  • Collection of financial dues from tenants


A team of specialists in Riyadh, Jeddah, London, Dubai and Beirut are ready to assist in:

  • Designing advertisements, promotional materials and project teasers
  • Managing accounts on social media platforms
  • Purchasing advertising space on media channels
  • Organizing marketing events
  • Establishing partnerships with the most prestigious global brands, such as: Missoni, Pagani, W – by Marriott, Elie Saab, Roberto Cavalli and Versace
  • Managing projects and sales showrooms within and outside the kingdom


A team of sales specialists located in Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Doha, Muscat, Dubai, London, Spain, Bosnia and Beijing are ready to assist in:

  • Preparing sales plans and selling real estate products
  • Training sales cadres
  • Training and managing external brokers in around 40 countries
  • Providing sales professionals that can work on demand


Quara Real Estate Services is rooted in technology and innovation, our team of experts approaches every project:

  • Using the latest infrastructure, electronic networks and applications to manage company operations and projects
  • Using Oracle in the various departments across the company
  • Using CRM NEXT in the customer management department. International financial and commercial institutions are currently using this software to manage the affairs of their clients.
  • Using WASALT, a real estate portal that markets all types of properties using the latest technological methods
    • Over 60,000 downloads in 3 months
    • More than 30,000 visitors to the site daily
    • Connected to all relevant government electronic portals


Quara Real Estate Services’ construction team is comprised of top-line experts with more than 25 years of experience. Whether customers have bought the plot directly from Dar Al Arkan or from trusted partners, its construction team has the ability to build and deliver high-end villas and town houses in record speed without taking a single shortcut.


Their eye for detail and deep understanding of construction standards will enable them to bring to life any chosen design, hassle-free. Additionally, Quara Real Estate Services’ construction solutions include the co-development of land with existing landowners, as well as full financing and development services for these specific projects.


Our team of interior designers and curators help customers enjoy upscale living inside and out. With the Interior Furnishings options by Quara Real Estate Services, customers can benefit from the knowledge of our experts who will help them navigate exclusive offers and services on exquisite home furnishings and electronics. Additionally, customers can opt for different financing options.